Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ageing Well: Falls - Newcastle University - Free online Course


Every day in the UK, almost 10,000 people aged over 65 will fall down. The personal costs are staggering, with falls resulting in injury, broken bones, fear of falling and social isolation.

People fall because of a complex mix of factors. To reduce falling, it is important to identify these factors, and recognise those that could signify serious, but treatable, underlying medical problems.

This interactive course will enable you to:

Learn more about why falls are just so important
Discover ways of assessing and reducing the risk of falling
Recognise when to seek help
Explore how to prevent falls and injury
During the course, we will meet people who have been affected by falls through a series of video case studies, and discuss together the important issues they raise, which we hope will be informative, practical and enlightening.

We will draw on the knowledge and experience of world leading experts at Newcastle University through our Meet the Experts series. This includes work with the award winning Falls and Syncope Service (FASS) at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary - the largest unit of its kind in Europe, recognised internationally for its innovative work in the field of falls and blackouts.

You can find out more about this course in Professor Julia Newton's blog post: "Falls are not a normal part of ageing."

 FREE online course
 Duration: 4 weeks
 2 hours pw
 Certificates available
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Julia Newton and James Frith
Whether you have been affected by falls yourself or care for someone who has, this course will help you understand what you can do to prevent falls and also what you can do if you have experienced a fall. All that's required is access to the internet and a computer.

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