Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Activities of Central Zone - Half yearly Report

Here is a brief report of ISU3A Central Zone on activities during last 6 months

Besides, the routine monthly meetings of Sangam and Prayag U3A units at Allahabad, following major activities were organised and programmes undertaken, in which the undersigned played a key role.

1. A special lecture meeting cum entertainment/picnic of Sangam U3A was organised at VIKALP (Dr. P K Sinha's Luxury Old Age Home) at Jhusi, Allahabad on 15th Nov., 2015.
This comprised of a talk (P. P. Presentation) by Dr. P K Sinha on "Healthy Life Style" for elderly people, followed by a Music Session and ending with a sumptuous community lunch.

2.  A Joint Meeting of  Sangam and Prayag U3A units was held on 3rd. Jan., 2016 at Chinmaya Aashram premises. The highlight of the programme was a spritual talk on "Art of Living" by Swami Yogasthanand Ji, and a repeat of Dr. P K Sinha's talk on "Healthy life Style" by popular demand.

3 . At the request of Sri M K Raina, Convener ( Education & Life Long Learning),  a one day camp on "Graceful Ageing" has been orgnised at Hardwar on 10th of June for the senior citizens of that region. The  camp will be conducted by Swami Yogasthanand of Allahabad Chinmaya Mission and Dr. Sajjan Singh of Rewa and other Mission members.

4.  Attended the crucial ISU3A Executive Meeting at Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 27th of Feb., 2016.

5.  A high profile Joint Programme comprising Lucknow and Allahabad units of U3A was organised on 12th March, 2016 at Dr. P K Sinha's establishment "VIKALP" at Jhusi, Allahabad.
The highlight of the programme was a state level Conference on the subject of "BUILDING A BETTER SOCIETY", featuring half a dozen eminent speakers from Allahabad and Lucknow.

This was preceded by a meeting of Central Zone Executive Committee, and followed by a music session and a wholesome community lunch.

G K Khare

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