Friday, March 18, 2016

All women U3A group in India - First ever?

Sthree Gyan U3A Group

During yesterday's meeting in Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad, Dr P Vyasamoorthy announced that he has been elected as Secretary General of Indian Society of U3As. He was cheered for this development. He explained the concept of University of Third Age. Many remembered Tom Holloway (SCF member) and his infructuous efforts to promote U3A some years ago. 

A U3A group is a one that consists of senior citizens who engage themselves in some kind of learning or the other. The topic or subject, mode of learning or the duration of learning-teaching etc are not important. Those involved may not have any interest in any formal certification or recognition. He explained how individuals interested may become members of ISU3A by paying a one lifetime subscription of Rs 1100/-. For Institutions the fee is Rs 2500/-

Enthused and motivated by his talk, many members expressed a desire to start a U3A group. As a mark of celebration of International women’s day on 8th March, following persons decided to form “Sthree Gyan U3A Group.”

Ms Kamakshi Hatti
Ms Bina Sachan
Ms Indira Rajan
Ms Subhadra Murthy
Ms Sarojini Narasimhan
Ms Surekha Bhushan
Ms Sarada Ramana Babu
Ms Nalini Krishnamurthy

They will meet as often as possible to take part in learning activities of various sorts.Dr  Vyasamoorthy observed that this would perhaps be first ever U3A group in India exclusively set up for and by women. It is very likely that SCF would become an institutional member of ISU3A.

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  1. I learnt that this group has earnestly started activity. Three women got together and taught each other singing folk songs, known to each.